Vocational Discernment at Spring Hill College

Pathways to Purpose was the 2016-2021 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) at Spring Hill College. The program focused on vocational discernment and building a culture of vocational discernment on campus through curricular and co-curricular opportunities. The ideology of Pathways to Purpose lives on through the curriculum, the advising office, and the Cohesive Undergraduate Experience. Students can still explore their vocation and their purpose through conversations with faculty and staff on campus and are encouraged to use the resources available on this site to engage in self-discovery. Students will still be asking big questions of purpose and vocation through the college curriculum.

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Defining Vocational Discernment


Vocation is how we live our lives in relation to the communities in which we live and serve. Vocation gives our lives an overarching purpose throughout all aspects of who we are.


Discernment is the search for truth and is a life-long process of listening to ourselves and the world around us.

Connect to Your Calling