Vocational Discernment at Spring Hill College


Pathways to Purpose promotes programming across campus to assist Spring Hill College students in their search for meaning, purpose, and vocation. By supporting activities that ask students to examine their values and their role in the community, Pathways to Purpose aims to help students integrate moments during their undergraduate career where they felt called or purposeful to write their own vocational stories. We want students to develop skills and tools to help them discern their purpose in the world throughout their entire life, not just land their first job after graduation. Discerning vocation and purpose is not just about a career, Pathways to Purpose examines the whole self and how we live our lives in the relation to the world around us.

Connect to your calling

Students who participate in purpose exploration programs, like Pathways to Purpose during college express a broader satisfaction with life after college.1 Pathways to Purpose coordinates a wide variety of co-curricular programming and supports the development of curricular offerings that provide opportunities to explore purpose and vocation.


Design your own path

The average college graduate has 7.5 different jobs before age thirty.2 Developing discernment skills now can help you navigate future transitions in your life. The Pathways to Purpose Guidebook allows you to reflect, connect, and engage in vocational discernment during college.


Tell your story

Hearing and sharing stories of vocation can help you understand how to design your own path through life. Hear from faculty and staff on their own reflections on purpose and vocation.


Understanding Vocation

Connect to Your Calling