What is Pathways to Purpose?

Pathways to Purpose is the result of Spring Hill College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). Based upon the knowledge that students were seeking meaning in their career development and desired more rigorous engagement in their field, the planning committee moved forward with the topic of Vocational Discernment aimed at creating an interdisciplinary program to help students lead a meaningful and fulfilling life at SHC and beyond.

For more information regarding our process in developing Pathways to Purpose, visit our QEP page.


What are the goals and learning outcomes of Pathways to Purpose

The overarching goal of the program is to create and promote a culture of vocational discernment at Spring Hill College. The student learning outcomes are: (1) students will ask and explore fundamental questions of vocation; (2) students will integrate and make sense of those moments during their college experience when they felt called, purposeful, or inspired; and (3) students will demonstrate an understanding that vocational discernment is an ongoing process.


What is vocation?

In life, there are many goals, personal and professional, for which we strive, but our vocations give our lives an overarching purpose, something that organizes our lives and so gives our lives meaning. Our vocations are built on our core values but also upon our relationship to the world. Vocation is a matter of how our gifts, talents, and interests match up to the needs of the communities in which we live. The search for our vocation is the search for a life that is fulfilling – both for ourselves and for the world.

When we talk about vocational discernment at Spring Hill College we are referring to answering questions about what kinds of lives we want to lead and what kinds of people we want to be in relation to the communities in which we live and serve.


About the logo

Designed by graphic design student, Emily Ellis ’17, the Pathways to Purpose logo represents the path through the Avenue of the Oaks as students grow and develop from year to year and consider the legacy they will leave behind after graduation.


About the staff

Photo of Stephanie Steiert

Stephanie Steiert

Staff Director


Photo of Lindsey Bosko-Dunbar

Lindsey Bosko-Dunbar

Faculty Director


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