CLIMB Symposium

Show Us Your CLIMB Experience!

All students who have participated in a CLIMB experience are invited to enter the Show Us Your CLIMB Experience Contest. Winners of the Show Us Your CLIMB Experience Contest will be featured in the 2018 CLIMB Symposium, a public display of CLIMB Experiences. In addition to being featured in the CLIMB Symposium, winners will also receive $25 in Badger Bucks added to their account.

Students can submit any type of visual representation of their CLIMB Experience. Any visual representation (photography, artwork, poetry, etc.) with a caption and reflection will be considered. ALL CLIMB Experiences are eligible, including curricular and co-curricular CLIMB experiences.
Please respect the privacy of any individuals you serve and do not submit pictures of their faces (or other identifying characteristics) without their explicit permission to do so. These images will be displayed in the Spring Hill College Barter Student Center and may be seen by anyone visiting campus.

Deadline Extended: Submissions accepted through February 26.

Submit Your Work Now


Winners will have their work displayed in the Barter Student Center for the remainder of the academic term where students, alumni, faculty, staff, and visitors will be able to see their work. Winners will also receive $25 Badger Bucks added to their account. At the conclusion of the Symposium Gallery, students will be able to take their work home with them, including any photographic prints that were made for the Symposium.

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