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Vocational Discernment in the Curriculum

Faculty members are encouraged to incorporate their own ideas about vocation, purpose, and calling into their subject matter courses. We believe vocation can be embedding in all disciplines–just ask yourself–

What do I find beautiful about my discipline?
How does engaging in my discipline impact the world?

–and share the answers with your students.

Any course can be listed in the schedule as a Vocational Discernment (VOC DSCRN) course, but we highly encourage those teaching sophomore level courses that fulfill core requirements to integrate ideas about vocation into their courses.

To add the VOC DSCRN distinction to your course (this lets students know they will be engaging in vocational discernment), please email

Attend a Professional Development


Curricular Resources for Faculty


Identifying VOC DSCRN Coursework

  • Does the course have specific language of vocation (or purpose, calling, values, meaning) as it relates to your field or discipline?
  • Do students explore questions of vocation and make sense of how vocation relates to your discipline?
  • Are there specific activities that ask students to consider the role of their own vocational discernment as it relates your field or discipline?
  • Do students have the opportunity to tell their own vocational story? OR Do students have the opportunity to hear the vocational stories of others?

If you answer yes to these questions, let us know and we will work with the Registrar’s Office to add the ‘VOC DSCRN’ distinction to your course.



Resources for Faculty

Course Workshops: email to schedule a vocation workshop in your course.

Course Presentation: email to schedule a career presentation in your course.

Pre-planned vocational discernment activities

Recommended vocation, purpose, calling media



Example Activities & Syllabi

Philosophy of Religion Reflection 1 & 2 | Spring Hill College

CMM290: Pre-Professional Development | Spring Hill College

ENG189 Finding Your Calling | Santa Clara University

PJ200 Introduction to Peace & Justice | St. Norbert College

SRC399E Visual Imagery & Society | Simpson College


Connect to Your Calling