Vocational Discernment (VOC DSCRN) Courses

Even though the co-curricular aspects of Pathways to Purpose have ended, there are many vocational discernment classes still available to students. These are courses where the instructors have intentionally included discussions, activities, or assignments that help students discern their vocation and connect to their calling.

The following courses have vocational discernment activities integrated throughout the course. For more information regarding the course, visit the Registrar’s Office page for the Schedule of Classes and the Bulletin of Information.

Archive of Vocational Discernment Courses


Cohesive Undergraduate Experience

Pathways to Purpose works in tandem with the Cohesive Undergraduate Experience (CUE) to support student development through their time in college. Students are introduced to concepts of vocation and purpose in LEAP, are invited to serve their community and use their talents and gifts with CLIMB, and have an opportunity to reflect on how their experiences shape who they want to be after college in REACH. For more information about each step of the CUE, please visit the Cohesive Undergraduate Experience website.


LEAP is a first-year experience that is high impact, current and engaging, developed and presented in a way that connects all the areas of the college, and introduces learning, faith, justice and service for life.



CLIMB is a high-impact learning experience that exposes students to the wider community in a way that promotes their “becoming” and relies on the Jesuit model of Experience, Reflection, Action.



REACH is a culminating reflection on a student’s experience at Spring Hill in a way that integrates their experiences, academic curriculum, and their understanding of purpose and calling.


Connect to Your Calling