Engage in vocational discernment at your own pace using the Guidebook. The Guidebook is available for free to all Spring Hill College students in a print or digital format.

This guidebook is designed to help you navigate through four years of college as you search for meaning, fulfillment, purpose, and prepare for life after college. You will track your accomplishments, reflect on your experiences, and make a plan to get the most out of your time at Spring Hill College.

Accessing the Guidebook

Students can always access and track their progress through the Guidebook on Schoology. If you do not see a Guidebook ‘course’ when you log into Schoology, please let us know and we will add you to one. Students can also request a physical copy of the Guidebook for free by emailing


Explore who you are and connect to campus.

Deepen your connections and discover your calling.

Start preparing for life after college.

Reflect on your experiences.

Guidebook Incentives


Incentives for Semesterly Progress

Every semester get entered in a raffle with every Guidebook activity you complete. The more activities you complete in a semester, the higher your chances of winning.

Two winners will receive $50 in Badger Bucks.

All activities must be submitted in Schoology by the Friday before the beginning of finals week.



Incentives for Completion

Every student who completes at least 90% of all of the Guidebook activities will be given a certificate of completion and honors cords to wear at graduation.


Connect to Your Calling