Mentor List

Pathways to Purpose Mentor List

Below you will find a list of individuals who are specifically interested in engaging in conversations about purpose, meaning, and vocation with you. Email one of the individuals below to set up an appointment. For faculty or staff interested in being added to this list please fill out the Pathways Mentor List Form.

Name Position E-Mail Location If I weren’t working in my field, I would want to…
Stephanie Steiert Staff Director, Pathways to Purpose LAC 157 …pursue a degree in Peace & Conflict studies, start a food truck named ‘Crêpe Me Home Tonight’, start a design company with my sister.
Lindsey Bosko-Dunbar Faculty Director, Pathways to Purpose; Assistant Professor, Mathematics Moorer 115 …coach soccer, open a hipster restaurant with awesome vegetarian options, become fluent in German
Lisa Emanuelli Communications, Fine & Performing Arts Division Secretary LAC 201: IMC …I also own a wholesale business, Kanundrumz Bakery, and understand the start-up process.
Mike Freyaldenhoven Director for Student Involvement Student Center, 234 …open a DIY garage where members of the community can work on their vehicles with loaned tools and hydraulic lifts together. I would also love to teach basic maintenance skills at local schools, colleges/universities, and churches to build these competencies in our youth.
Stephen Wilson Associate Professor of Theology LAC 359 …be a soccer coach.
Margaret Massey Chief Information Officer Burke Library Room 222 My professional areas have always been technology and management – and that is what I enjoy.
Jonathan Dunbar Assistant Professor and Chair, Mathematics Moorer 117 …make pizzas!
Fr. Mark Mossa, S.J. Campus Minister for Spirituality & Faith Formation Student Center 222 …be a best-selling sci-fi novelist & screen writer!
Allyn Schoeffler Assistant Professor of Biochemistry Deignan 119 I had a career as a drug discovery researcher in the biotech industry before becoming a professor. But if I weren’t working in biochemistry, I’d be studying British lit, reading Jane Austen, and writing novels (while drinking tea, obviously).
Asia Hudson Student Financial Services Specialist LAC Building, 1st Floor Be a social worker and have a non-profit of some sort.
Lori Aultman Professor in Education LAC 284 Own a bookstore or work in medicine as a pediatrician; rock star would be pretty neat, too..
Denise Robb Coordinator of Student Advising LAC 163 Own a bakery or grilled cheese food truck.
Lauren Jensen Digital Services Librarian Burke Library, Rm. 104 …own my own craft store, design knitting patterns, or be a travel blogger.

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