Leadership Workshops


Leadership Workshops

Pathways to Purpose wants to help integrate ideas about purpose, vocation, and calling into your organization. Pathways to Purpose is available to plan and host leadership development workshop that focus on helping members connect their identity and values to a sense of purpose and calling in life. Examples of possible workshop topics can be found below.

  • Replacing Small Talk with Big Questions
  • Vulnerability in Relationship Building
  • Connecting Student Leadership to a Career Calling
  • Crafting Your Vocation Story
  • Facilitating Meaningful Conversation

Workshops are customized for each individual organization based upon interests and needs although there may be some activities that can be brought into any workshop. The above list represents some topics we have done. If you are a leader in a student group or a professional staff member who works with student leaders, let us know your ideas or needs.

Email pathways@shc.edu to begin planning a leadership workshop.


Connect to Your Calling