Vocational Discernment Resources

Pathways to Purpose encouraged the discernment of vocation through a variety of activities, workshops, and experiences. The discernment of one’s vocation is a life-long process. We recognize that although our QEP may have ended, students at Spring Hill College are still on their vocational discernment journey. Students will continue to be supported in their explorations of calling and purpose through academic coursework and advising but should they want additional resources on vocational exploration we’ve compiled a collection of self-guided resources and group facilitations that students can use on their own.

Recommended Reading

The Ignatian Method | Au, Wilkie
Copmosing a Life | Bateson, Mary Catherine
How to Be Alive | Beaven, Colin
The Moral Bucket List | Brooks, David
Five Lies Our Culture Tells Us | Brooks, David
The Second Mountain | Brooks, David
How to Get the Most Out of College | Bruni, Frank
Designing Your Life | Burnett, Bill and Dave Evans
Hearing Vocation Differently | Cunningham, David
At This Time and In This Place | Cunningham, David
Vocation Across the Academy | Cunningham, David
Make Your Job a Calling | Dik, Bryan and Ryan Duffy
On Purpose | Froese, Paul
Visions of Vocation | Garber, Steven
What Magis Really Means and Why it Matter | Geger, Fr. Barton
Living Conversation | Himes, Michael
The Professions: Public Interest and Common Good | Jennings, Bruce, Daniel Callahan, and Susan M. Wolf
Out There: On Not Finishing | Kelly, Devin
Find Your Passion’ Is Awful Advice | Khazan, Olga
What Makes A Life Good | King, Laura and Christie Napa
The ‘Busy’ Trap | Kreider, Tim
Toward a Durable Happiness | Kurtz, Jamie and Sonja Lyubomirsky
Why ‘Find Your Passion’ is Such Terrible Advice | Lee, Stephanie
Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life | Levoy, Gregg
Together, You Can Redeem the Soul of Our Nation | Lewis, John
To thrive in a “wicked” world, you need range | Livni, Ephrat
Forgetting Ourselves on Purpose | Mahan, Brian
Why we need a new theology of work | Malesic, Jonathan
A Life Beyond ‘Do What You Love’ | Marino, Gordon
Do It Anyway | Martin, Courtney
Live And Learn | Menand, Louis
Good genes are nice, but joy is better | Mineo, Liz
Ready or Not | Moser, Drew and Jess Fankhauser
Helping College Students Find Purpose | Nash, Robert, Michele Murray, and Sharon Daloz Parks
Big Questions, Worhty Dreams | Parks, Sharon Daloz
The Art of Decision-Making | Rothman, Joshua
The Problematic Idea of Success | Safi, Omid
Why We Work | Schwartz, Barry
Claiming Our Callings | Schwehn, Kaethe and L. DeAne Lagerquist
You Accomplished Something Great. So Now What? | Shilton, A.C.
The two kinds of stories we tell about ourselves | Smith, Emily Esfahani
The Chosen Path | Spohn, William
The Religion of Workism is Making Americans Miserable | Thompson, Derek
Hunter S. Thompson’s Letter on Finding Your Purpose and Living a Meaningful Life | Thomspon, Hunter S.
Finding Wisdom in a Time of Flux and Uncertainty | Tippett, Krista
This is Water | Wallace, David Foster
This One Wild and Precious Life | Wilson, Sarah


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