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Discussion & Activity Resources


These activities are designed to be quick and easy ways to explore questions of vocation, purpose and meaning. These activities are best suited for individuals new to vocational discernment or for groups who want a short activity to spark discussion.

Core Values Activity | Individual activity exploring values with discussion.
Expressing Gratitude Activity | Individual activity exploring gratitude and being grateful for others with discussion.
How I Want to be Remembered Activity | Individual activity exploring impact on the world with discussion.
The Purpose Economy Discussion | Discussion of Aaron Hurst’s comics on the Purpose Economy from his book of the same name.
The Road Map Activity | Individual activity to explore foundational values and interests with discussion to explore how they may relate to a career.


These activities are designed to delve deeper into questions of vocation, purpose and meaning. These activities can be completed by those new to questions of vocation, but will require individuals to dig deep into readings, questions, or discussions.

Bricklayers Parable | Discussion of the Brick Layers Parable.
Defining Your Purpose | Activity and discussion around creating Purpose Statements.
Hunter S. Thompson Letter Discussion | Discussion of Hunter S. Thompson’s letter of advice to a friend.
Moral Bucket List Discussion | Discussion of David Brooks’ New York Times article “The Moral Bucket List”.
This Is Water Discussion | Discussion of David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech “This is Water”.
Three Gratitudes Poetry Activity | Discussion and activity around Carrie Newcomer’s Three Gratitudes poem.
Vocational Map Activity | Individual activity physically mapping moments of purpose and calling with discussion.
Where Your Heart Resides Activity | Discussion activity to dig deeper into questions of identity.

Other Resources

Cohesive Undergraduate Experience Reflections

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REACH Reflection Interactive Guide

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