Vocation Lunch


Vocation Lunch

Vocation Lunches provide an opportunity for faculty and staff members to join students for lunch in the cafeteria and have informal conversations about meaning, purpose, and vocation.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to invite 2 or more students. Faculty and staff members will be able to sign in at the front of the cafeteria for a free meal. Commuter students invite by a faculty or staff member who do not have a meal plan will also receive a free meal.

Register for a Vocation Lunch

Faculty and staff will register using our online form. The online form will be only for the next Vocation Lunch. Faculty and staff will be asked which students they plan to invite, but will invite and keep track of which students attend on their own.

Pathways to Purpose will host a check in for everybody in the back of the cafeteria to assist groups in meeting up.

Register Now

Students who wish to attend a Vocation Meal but have not been invited by a faculty or staff member are encouraged to reach out to a faculty or staff member they want to eat lunch with and have that individual register a group.


OCT 10
Classic (Invite Only) Vocation Lunch
NOV 12
Open Vocation Lunch

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