Vocation Stories

Vocation Stories of Faculty, Staff, & Alumni

Everybody has a story of vocation and purpose. We are all in the process of writing our stories as we live them, as we make daily decisions about who we are, what we’re doing, and noticing what is most important to us. This process allows us to share the stories about how we arrived at our current place in life, how we discovered our passions, how we were called to a certain type of work, and how we chose to live our lives in relations to the needs of our communities. Below you will find a growing collection of the Spring Hill College community’s Vocation Stories.


Want to share your story? All members of the Spring Hill College community are invited to share their own story. We encourage sharing your story in one of three ways: (1) a written story, (2) a short video, or (3) answering a list of probing questions. For more information about all three mediums as well as prompts to get you started, please visit our Vocation Story Writing Guide. Submit your story in any medium to pathways@shc.edu.

Connect to Your Calling