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Take a step back from campus life to connect to your calling. Meet new friends and deepen existing relationships with a variety of relationship building games and activities. Dive into your personal values and discover who you are in the world. Find purpose throughout your life and create meaning through self-reflection and intentional discussions. Leave this retreat refreshed and ready to set the world on fire!

Vocational retreats are open to all Sophomore and Junior students. These retreats are designed for students of all faiths and spiritualities. Retreats are one night over the weekend and transportation, food, and lodging are provided. Students must register by the listed registration date. These retreats have limited technology access and are completely alcohol and substance free. Information will be sent to registered students regarding where and when to meet for travel.

Fall 2020 | November 6th, 12:30pm-6:00pm | On Campus

Register by November 1st.

All participants and facilitators will be expected to maintain 6ft of distance and wear a face covering at all times. Food will be served in to-go boxes and participants will eat meals individually while participating in personal reflections.

Retreat Registration

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It’s about breaking away from the stress or pressures of school and step back to reevaluate yourself. You get the chance to really ask yourself if you’re on the right path, are you enjoying college, are you who you want to be, what’s going on in your life right now, what’s distracting you, what’s motivating you, what isn’t motivating you, are you surrounding yourself with the right people, are you developing from your high school self, and are you living to be the person people expect you to be or who you expect you to be? It gives you the chance to say that even though you’re not the person everyone, including yourself, expects you to be, you’re still good; you’re still valued, wonderful, and are somebody. That you have worth. . .This retreat is extremely valuable and an essential component to your success at Spring Hill College.



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I would definitely recommend attending the retreat. It gave me a chance to get off campus, clear my mind, and really reflect on who I am and where I want to go. It was the first time all semester that I truly spent time working to improve myself.



Retreat Schedule Overview

Day One

Depart campus at 12:30pm

Retreat Welcome/Overview of Schedule
Introductory Activities
Team Building Activities
Discussion of Values, Interests, and Skills
Discussion of Community
Faculty & Staff Vocation Stories
Personal Reflection Time

Day Two

Return to campus by 1:00pm

Decision-Making Activities
Discussion of Vocation & Purpose
Final Reflection



Camp Whispering Pines
The retreat will be hosted at Romar Beach Retreat in Orange Beach, AL. For more information about the retreat center, visit their website.

Important Information

Emergency Contact Form
Liability Form
Packing List & Schedule Overview



Connect to Your Calling